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Our approved coach & Instructor listing

Shawn Farrugia



Please contact me using the below links to help you getting you started or progressing your training today.


Shawn has been a competitive athlete all his life and he has been competing in powerlifting for the last 5 years. He has managed to maintain a top 5 position within the all-time rankings in Malta, breaking numerous National and European Records in the process. Shawn’s other passion is the art and science of coaching – getting people insanely strong in the powerlifts. He has been coaching local and foreign lifters of different experience, level and age for more than three years. He has lead them to perform personal, national and world record performances while taking into account injury prevention and the psychological aspect of training, competition and life.


  • Individualised coaching (individualised programming, peaking for competition & technique analysis) mostly online but also in person.

  • Technique analysis –online & in person.

  • Template programming.