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Getting Started in Powerlifting

Getting into Power Lifting is easy. You just need your self and some weights. There is no special equipment needed when you first start out. Here is our quick start guide. 

Places to Train

Training in powerlifting can be done at most commercial gyms, with limitations to the gym rules of that gym and equipment available. Here are our recommended gyms that offer a friendly powerlifting environment. 

Steel Extreme Fitness – Mosta

Steel Extreme Fitness is based in Mosta with off street parking and good range of equipment.  Click the button bellow to check out their website for more information. 

Body Medics – Zejtun

Body Medics is based in Zetjun. Many of the committee and competing athletes gym of choice if you are living in the south of the island. Click the button below to see their web site. 

Fort Fitness – Silema

Fort Fitness is based in Silema. This is a great gym for commercial equipment, Weight lifting and Powerlifting. A good set of Rogue Plates and Barbells. Click below to check out their facebook page. 

Spartan Kettlebells – St Julians

Spartan Fitness is operated and run by Swedish sisters and kettlebell (and all training really) lovers Maja Vähä and Linnea Vähä. They have built the business from scratch, starting in 2014.


Equipment can be as cheap or expensive as you choose. However for competition we follow a strict set of rules to ensure fairness for all athletes. Please use the IPF APPROVED List of equipment from their web site. Click the link below. Please note that our rules are different to the IPF with the exception of Knee Sleeves not being allowed during lifts. 


Once you found a gym you will need a programme to get you started. The link below is for LIFT VAULT with a large collection of programmes for beginners and advanced lifters.

Please check out our approved coaches who have a variety of services including bespoke programming and one to one coaching. 

Still need more!

Contact us

All this information can be a little overwhelming in the early stages of getting into this great sport. Please do not hesitate to contact the association directly to get additional information or grab a fellow powerlifter at the gym. We are a friendly bunch and always happy to guide and advise.