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Terms and Conditions

CERTIFICATION: I hereby give my word of honour as an athlete that I have not used any prohibited substances including but not limited to strength inducing drugs (i.e. any anabolic steroids or hormones) as part of my training all my life nor will I use any prohibited substances including, but not limited to, stimulants or diuretics during the off-season when gearing up for a MPL or IPF sanctioned contest. Furthermore, I have full knowledge of the WADA prohibited list of banned substances and methods and that I am fully responsible to what enters my body. I am aware of my obligations as an athlete towards the WADA Code, the national anti-doping legislation (L.N. of 2015 of the Laws of Malta) and the regulations of the internationals and national federation and I am subjected to the sanctions outlined in these regulations if I violate these regulations; which include i. Presence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers in an Athlete’s Sample, ii. Use or Attempted Use by an Athlete of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method, iii. Evading, Refusing or Failing to Submit to Sample Collection, iv. Whereabouts Failures, v. Tampering or Attempted Tampering with any part of Doping Control, vi. Possession of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method, vii. Trafficking or Attempted Trafficking in any Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method, viii. Administration or Attempted Administration to any Athlete In-Competition of any Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method, or Administration or Attempted Administration to any Athlete Out-of-Competition of any Prohibited Substance or any Prohibited Method that is prohibited Out-of-Competition, ix. Complicity and x. Prohibited Association.”

RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: READ this CAREFULLY. When you sign it, you will be giving up important legal rights. In consideration of the acceptance of my application form, I intend to be legally bound for not only myself but also for my heirs, my executors and my administrators. In signing this release from liability, I waive and release everyone connected with the MPL from any and all liability that may arise from competing in these organizations.

I understand that participation in this sport exposes me to the risk of injury or death. I further understand that the MPL and its members will not reimburse me for, or cover any medical expenses incurred by me as a result of injuries I might sustain, working at, helping with, training for, participating in the competition, or spotting and loading.

Moreover I agree that any method of drug testing which the MPL uses to detect the presence of strength-inducing substances SHALL BE CONCLUSIVE. That is, whether I believe the results of the tests are right or wrong, if Drug test is positive I can challenge the claim by testing sample B, I agree that I have to pay for sample B shipping & testing. If sample B is also positive, I will accept MPL’s suspension, be it temporary or permanent. I have also read and agreed with the terms & conditions attached with this application form.




1.      Membership of the MPL is obtained by filling in completely the application form. This will include the applicant’s signature assuring that he/she has agreed with the association’s drug control/testing policies.

2.      Drug testing might be conducted at any day or time on any member three years later from signing this application form.

3.      Only current MPL members may participate in competitions conducted by the MPL. Members of the MPL are eligible to set national records, represent Malta abroad, given he/she is qualified to do so, and make part of the all-time rankings.

4.      All MPL members must be generally available for both in-competition & out-of-competition drug testing. No member is allowed to leave the event venue without permission during an MPL competition. Doing so might result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the MPL executive committee.

5.      The MPL shall not discriminate against any member or potential members on the basis of sex, race or creed. The association will also not involve itself with organisations that discriminate against these grounds.

6.      Potential members who apply for an MPL membership who are not Maltese shall go through a process whereby the MPL contacts the IPF and the nation’s association for clearance. Foreign members who decide to be affiliated with the MPL will always be a one-time decision.

7.      Potential members who come from countries where there is not an IPF affiliate and apply for a membership will be granted the MPL membership upon the clearance of the IPF.

8.      Potential members who wish to take part in the MPL Full Power National Championships and Single Lift National Championships shall make sure that they are members for at least 30days before the event.

9.      Membership with the MPL will last three years but every year there needs to be a repayment in case the member would like to compete.

10.      Upon signing this form; you will be eligible to take part in MPL events for a term of 1 year (1st Jan – 31 Dec) and you shall subject yourself to all MPL and IPF regulations for a term of three years.


The MPL reserves the right to reject membership applications from individuals who:

1.      Currently are under suspension from the MPL/IPF

2.      Have previously been expelled from the MPL/IPF

3.      Are currently or previously suspended by other organisations for offences connected with drugs usage.

4.      Have a history of anti-social behaviour or drug-abuse.

5.      Have been or are involved with organisations or associations whose aims or stance is not considered compatible with the aims and/or stance of the MPL and IPF.

6.      Have in any way aided individuals to drugs abuse.

7.      Have in any way helped or supported athletes/lifters or sports people to pursue their sporting endeavours when known to be abusing drugs, or those who have supported or participated with organisations whose stance or drug control is not considered by the MPL to be compatible with the aims and/or stance of the MPL and IPF.  

8.      Have been or who are involved with organisations which have failed to do everything possible to stop drug abuse or have sought to bring drug control methods into disrepute.

9.      For any reason – if the MPL executive committee feels that in any way the applicant is unsuitable. In such cases the applicant may not be granted membership. The Executive committee reserves the right to exclude such an applicant without the need to give grounds for such exclusion.

I hereby give my word of honour as an athlete that all the information included on this application form is correct. I understand that being dishonest in completing this MPL application form will be grounds for cancellation of my MPL membership without reimbursement of membership dues.