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Maltapower Lifting WADA Information
The committee of the Maltapower Lifting Association strive’s to keep athletes informed of all aspects of the sport. This page has been created to offer information and assistance to all about drug use in sports. Please note that we have also made a list of those athletes that have been banned following a final decision and the period of the directed ban.   
As a word of caution MPL would like to point out that common medication such as inhalers, steroid based medication and even medical THC (tetrahydracannabinol) fall outside of the allowed substances. Thus MPL encourages athletes who have to use these substances as medical aid to register such non-conforming substances with NADO using the TUE form provided below.We are open and transparent about all doping matters and open to comments and feedback. 

Banned Athletes


Carlos GAUCI


In Competition, November 2021


4 Years